Toledo entrepreneur creates children's shoe line

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) – A Toledo entrepreneur is launching a kids' shoe line. Stikii Shoes is a unique style inspired by the creator's own experience with children's shoe shopping.

Joe Chew was fed up with the lack of excitement shoe shopping seemed to offer. He created a style that comes in a rainbow of colors and sizes for kids aged 3-9.

The unique feature that separates the shoes form any other is the unique item called "stick ems."

"You stick them to it.  You can decorate.  You can purchase all kinds of accessories for it.  It makes it a lot of fun." explained Chew.

Stikii Shoes opened in December, but Chew is hoping to soon get to a point where he can sell 1,000 pairs per year.

"I don't think that's a challenge for us at all.  We can see that happening.  So, our goal is to sell as many pair of shoes as we can." said Chew.

Stikii's online business manager Tony Martinez, or Tony Toledo, put together a music video for the shoes that he wrote and rapped himself.

I think when they see this video, they will automatically have faith in our product and realize that we're serious." said Martinez.

Chew wants to make a brand Toledo can be known for:

"Stikii you know is just another brand you know big brand that hopefully one day people will think oh Stikii is from Toledo Ohio, you know make Toledo a proud city."

The company's headquarters is located on West Central Avenue near Holland Sylvania in Sylvania Township.

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