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Construction begins on traffic improvement project

NORTHWOOD, OH (WTOL) – Construction has begun on a railroad overpass project that will improve the flow of traffic though the city of Northwood.

Upon completion, Wales Road will be re-routed, with overpasses built across two busy rail lines.

On Tuesday, crews were in the process of relocating pipe.

The main overpass project isn't scheduled to start until the spring, due to the fact that a pair of busy train crossings currently cut the city in half, creating traffic delays.

The city hopes to fix this problem with an $11 million project that will shift Wales Rd. to the south.

Drouillard Road will also be re-routed, and will eliminate a third railroad crossing. The city will contribute $1 million to this project, which will speed the flow of traffic along one of its main routes.

In 2013, Wales Rd. will be closed for 90 days, and Drouillard Rd. will be closed for 60 days. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2013.

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