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WTOL Editorial: Redistricting will shake up stale politics

The re-districting of Ohio is controversial, but it is a completed process.

Now, longstanding congresswoman Marcy Kaptur faces her first intra-party battle in decades. She has to prove she is up to the challenge posed by congressman Dennis Kucinich, of Cleveland.

This is an opportunity for Kaptur to tell us why we should return her to congress.

Congressman Kucinich stated in a story in the Toledo blade, that he thinks Toledo is a lot like Cleveland.

I disagree.

I have lived in both cities and they are very, very different.

I think the person who wins this race will be the one who demonstrates an understanding of that difference.

I don't want someone telling me about Cleveland and I don't think Clevelanders much care what happens in Toledo.

Re-districting pulled our cities together. Socioeconomic and political realities keep us separate.

It will be interesting to see which of these veteran congressional representatives bridges the gap.

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