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Does it Work Wednesday: EMA Alert

SCOTT CITY, MO (KFVS) - We have a pretty serious product this week for Does it Work Wednesday, and it has an interesting twist.  Our tester is actually someone who says "EMA alert" saved her husband's life, and her son invented the product she thought she would never have to use!

What's more? This product is Made in the Heartland. Jean Klusmeier knows firsthand this brand new product works.

"He got worse and worse and worse, and he collapsed."

Then, Jean remembered her son had just given her a product he invented called EMA alert. It hadn't even hit the market yet. She called 9-1-1 and then pressed the remote activator to begin flashing the lights on her house.

"About 9/10ths of a mile, they saw that light."

The Klusmeiers say that's impressive because they live in a new development out in the county. It's so new, it doesn't even register on most GPS trackers yet.

"No one can find our house."

"They saw the light and came to our house and hauled him off to the hospital."

EMA alert is a simple flashing light you mount either on a window...or outside...and in a spot with an electrical outlet nearby.

Jean wears her remote activator at all times because of her husband's ever-changing health, but says you can always just set the remote activator in a safe place in your home. Just remember where you put it because "seconds count in an emergency."

That's where the inventor says this system can help. He, too, knows firsthand how critical time is as a former Scott City police officer.

"I wanted to help my dad and as a police officer, I know it's hard to find some of those places," said Conrad Klusmeier, inventor.

We tested it in several spots in the Klusmeier's home. You can see the flashing light in the daytime from a pretty good distance away, but certainly better at night.

We know the Klusmeier's give this an excellent grade.

I'd like to see the $79 dollar model also call 9-1-1 for you. Remember, you have to do that and press the button to alert emergency crews to your home. Still, it's a great concept and seems to work really well.

"When the EMT's came, they were so glad we had this light."

Let's flash the lights for this non-emergency, and give the EMA alert a good grade B+ on this Does it Work test.

You can buy it at  

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