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WTOL Editorial: Do the right thing, call the police about suspicious activity

In the past 12 months, 30 people have been murdered in Toledo. This murder rate is an alarming increase over the average for the previous 4 years which was 23. 

Now an 81-year-old grandmother has been senselessly, horrifyingly, shot and killed. When is enough, enough?

Mayor Bell and Police Chief Diggs made a plea to those who live in the neighborhoods that make up Toledo. It's time to do the right thing. By that, they mean call the police when you see something or someone that looks suspicious. 

The CrimeStopper phone number is 419.255.1111. You do not have to say who you are. The reality is, it's impossible for the police to be everywhere. 

They need your help. Take back your neighborhoods. Call the police. Otherwise, the neighborhoods that we now recognize, like Old Orchard, LaGrange, Point Place, North Toledo, East Toledo, Library Village and the Old West End will erode and crumble. 

Look at Detroit. Reversing this process is almost impossible. When the neighborhoods are gone, they are gone for everyone, forever.

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