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Does it Work: Cake Pops

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Makers of Bake Pops say you can make your own cake pops cheaper and easier at home, but Does it Work?  Stephanie Byars helps me whip up the cake batter.  The directions recommend we use milk instead of water and add an extra egg.  It also tells us to toss in dry pudding mix to make our batter heavier, which will then allow us to form cake balls later in the special pan.  We do all of that.  Problem is, we have a lot of excess batter.  After we scrape off the excess, we put it into a separate normal baking pan.  If we had two Bake Pops pans, we might have enough to make another set of Bake Pops.

The excess batter is again seen after baking.  Some of the cake mix pokes through the holes of the special Bakes Pops pan.  We don't complain though!  Instead, we put a dollop of icing in each and have mini cake bites to snack on while we wait for this to cool.

Pack your patience when doing this!  You must follow all the cooling times, or you will not form perfect cake balls on the provided sticks.'

"You're not just going to be able to whip these up in an hour, especially when icing and cooling.  So, allow yourself plenty of time and maybe practice before making them for an important event," said Stephanie.

At $20, we still think this is the cheaper way to go than individually buying cake pops for all your party guests.  We think Bake Pops takes the cake and earns at A- on this Does it Work test.

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