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Don’t Waste Your Money: Find cheap holiday airfares

(WTOL) – If planning on flying somewhere in the next few months but are frustrated by the high cost of plane tickets, WTOL may be able to help. Knowing when to buy and what days to fly can save a lot of money.

Trying to book a last minute airfare for the holidays? Or looking for a good airfare for an early spring break? Be prepared for sticker shock, but things can be done to keep the costs down.

Do not expect much joy at the airport this holiday season. Fares are up 9 percent from last year to an average $413 round trip, according to TripAdvisor.

Frequent flier, Trent Devore, just found a decent Christmas week fare, but said it took work.

"There are better days than others to buy, but for the most part they are higher than last year," said Devore.

What are Devore's secrets? To find the best days to buy and fly, check Farecast, which gives historical prices on which days a route is cheapest. Typically Tuesday and Saturday are the cheapest days.

Then, Devore moved on to Kayak, which shows all airlines fares to a given city.

"I check Kayak on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, typically the best days to fly I found, and I found a fare Saturday morning, and then it jumped $100 morning to evening," said Devore.

Another secret is to avoid peak travel days, such as the day right after a holiday.

"I was on the Internet checking, and flying on the actual holiday. I flew out on Thanksgiving day," said Ramone Turnbow.

According to Priceline, for Christmas week the lowest fares can be found Dec. 17 and 18, along with Christmas Eve. New Year's Eve is also a day with low fares due to few people flying.

Remember to check for added fees for baggage, which could wipe out the great fares that were so hard to find.

Bottom line: Plan on packing light and try to fly when the biggest crowds do not fly.

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