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Judge issues temporary restraining order to close Woodville Mall

NORTHWOOD, OH (WTOL) - Judge Reeve Kelsey issued a temporary restraining order Friday afternoon to immediately close Woodville Mall. The Anderson's and Sears will not be affected.

The City Solicitor for the City of Northwood and the Wood County Prosecuting Attorney also filed a complaint Friday asking that the Woodville Mall be permanently closed to the public.

The complaint was filed on behalf of the Northwood's Building Inspection Department, the Northwood Fire Department and the Wood County Health District.

The complaint identifies multiple hazards within the mall, including large holes and collapsed areas in the roof leaking water into public and non-public area of the mall, a partially non-functioning fire suppression and alarm system, no heat due to unpaid gas bills and pervasive mold and mildew.

The lack of heat has forced some store owners to use space heaters in their stores, which is a fire hazard and a violation of the Ohio Fire Code.

City and county officials have been working for months with representatives of the mall owner. The company has indicated it does not have the financial ability to make the needed repairs and upgrades to the roof and fire suppression system.

The Fox Theater closed voluntarily on Dec. 13 due to similar hazards.

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