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Woodville Mall may shut down soon

NORTHWOOD, OH (WTOL) - Wood County health and building inspectors were at the Woodville Mall this afternoon after receiving complaints about the building's condition.

The mall, located on Woodville Rd., is in the city of Northwood.

Shoppers have complained about the low temperature, due to the lack of heat, and leaks from the roof.

The roof has led to buckets on the floor to catch the water that comes in through the holes in the ceiling.

County health officials are saying that they are concerned that a heavy snowfall could cause the roof to cave in.

The building continues to crumble, even though the mall has received several health violations.

An entire wing is roped off, and most of the storefronts are now empty.

Health officials told us that in addition to the roof, there is mold, the sprinkler system doesn't work, and there isn't any heat.

Tenants have received a notice from the mall management to prepare to leave, such as Samantha Barney, who has worked at Deb Shops, one of the remaining stores, for four years.

The mall manger says that it could close this week, becoming only a memory for Northwood residents.

The Andersons and Sears have stated that they plan to remain open if the mall does end up closing.

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