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WTOL Editorial: Green Jobs initiative was a false promise

It's time to pull back the curtain on the promise of the green jobs initiatives.

It's just not happening.

As the U.S. jobless rate remains around 9 percent, the federal government has poured taxpayer dollars into green-energy busts like Solyndra. As for the millions of green-energy jobs - they never materialized.

Meanwhile there is one energy industry that is growing: oil and gas production. A recent Wall Street Journal article cited an 80 percent increase in jobs in this field since 2003.

While renewable technology breakthroughs never seem to make it, private investment in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing has resulted in tens of thousands of jobs.

Ohio is in line to benefit from this energy technology advancement as long as we avoid over-reaching government restrictions.

It is time to balance ecological concerns with economic growth. Other states have figured out how to get this done. Ohio should do likewise.

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