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Family of accused murderer speaks out

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The family of a man accused of a double murder is speaking out. Daurin Patton, 27, appeared in court for the first time Tuesday morning following his arrest Monday night.

Patton is accused of killing a mother and her 14-year-old son on their front porch on Page Street in north Toledo.

"I do know there was an altercation between the family members and the suspect, Daurin Patton, and that altercation escalated to violence," said Captain Wes Bombrys with the Toledo Police Department.

Police said Patton fired a rifle at Veronica Serrano and her teenager Timothy Blair from a short distance. Blair died there, while Serrano died later at the hospital.

"They all hung around the same neighborhoods, with the victims living in the neighborhood," Bombrys said. "The suspect was in the neighborhood quite a bit. We believe he belonged to a group of gang members in the neighborhood."

Bombys said that to his knowledge, there is no reason to believe the victims were affiliated with any rival gangs.

Patton has a lengthy criminal record. In just this year, he was arrested multiple times and racked up 16 charges. However, police said none of the previous charges raised a red flag that he would do something extreme.

"He has had a lot of contact with police over the years," Bombrys said. "A lot of disorderly conduct, a lot of menacing, maybe some assaults, some drug abuse, but nothing to the extent that we had that night."

However, Patton's family said he is not guilty. They said they do not know much about the case and found out Patton was arrested through the news.

"They don't have no evidence so it is what it is," said Tonia Patton, his mother.

"There's a lot of people walking around on that street with black hoods and black sweat suits. For them to single him out like that, no I don't understand that at all," said Chanelle Patton, his sister.

Patton is expected to be indicted by the Lucas County Grand Jury.

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