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Fans gear up for OSU vs. Michigan game

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) – It is a rivalry that forces people to take sides, often dividing families and loved ones. The Ohio State - Michigan football game is set for Saturday.

Some local Ohio State fans were out celebrating a tradition Friday, hanging a sign on the Poe Road overpass in Bowling Green and encouraging Buckeye fans to honk in support.

"It doesn't cost any money. It's fun. It's free and you support your team," said fan Loretta Smith.

For these self-described "Honk-A-Holics" they do not mind Ohio State being the underdog.

"We're never down and out. Never count anybody out. That's one thing great about sports, you go out, give it your all," said Smith.

Other buckeye fans agree.

"There's always that chance anybody can win on any given day and I will never give up on them," said Lesley Riker of Honk If You Love The Buckeyes.

Michigan fans find themselves in unfamiliar territory about who will win the game.

"I think Michigan, and it's in their back yard so I think they're going to do it," said Pat Rudski a wolverine fan.

Outside the Maumee Supply Shop in Perrysburg flies an OSU flag, and inside, the rivalry fuels some fun at work.

"Everybody's got the right to free speech, we allow him to come in and have some fun," said Greg Williams, a buckeye fan.

For big-time fans, the Ohio State - Michigan game means a chance for bragging rights.

"The loser has to fly the opponent's flag the week before the Ohio State, Michigan games," said Williams.

While Ohio State technically owns a six game winning streak because of last year's win being vacated, Michigan holds the all-time match lead with 57 wins, 43 losses, and 6 ties. The last time Michigan beat the bucks on the field was back in 2003.

The odds makers currently have Michigan as a touchdown favorite.

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