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WTOL Editorial: Voting Issue 2 down will not help Ohio's economy

Issue 2 has galvanized the unions and the democratic base in Ohio. They have combined with non-Ohio forces like the national education association to shape public perception of what is at stake.

According to the Vote No ads, Issue 2 would make it impossible for unions to staff enough people to keep you safe or to educate your children.

Supporters of Issue 2 say it is aimed at reducing the cost of local government.

Among other things, Issue 2 limits collective bargaining by public unions, forces employees to pay at least 15 percent of the health-care premiums and 10 percent of wages for pensions.

Issue 2 introduces the idea of merit pay instead of seniority based pay scales.

In recent polls a large margin of voters support many of these notions.

Yet, paradoxically, these same polls show a whopping advantage for vote no on Issue 2.

Evidently many of us share the sense that something needs to be done, but we are not sure Issue 2 is the answer.

Killing Issue 2 will do nothing to revive Ohio's economy, or put unemployed Ohioans back to work.

Given the soaring employee costs it is likely the staff reductions the unions claim will be avoided, will take place anyway.

It may not happen this election, but if the polls are right, one day voters will conclude that the benefits granted to government employees are a luxury we can no longer afford.

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