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Rally planned in response to the end to early voting

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Lines were long on the final day the Lucas County Early Voting Center was open in Downtown Toledo.

Everybody had their reason to vote in advance of the November 8 election day.

"Because I get off work late and I don't want to be in long lines," said BeBe Reynolds.

"I just want to be on the safe side and get it out of the way," adds William Jefferson.

However pastors, union members and student groups plan to rally Saturday morning outside the center opposing the end to early voting.

"As you get closer to the event the excitement grows and therefore we're going to miss the moment with the early vote," according to  Rev. Cedric Brock of the Mount Nebo Church.

He says he isn't angry but pulling the plug on early voting is un-American and un-democratic.

"Ohio being the battleground state for the country for the 2012 Presidential race, we feel this is a tag to slow that momentum down."

Blame the halt of early voting to amended Ohio House Bill 224, which received unanimous support in both the Ohio House and Senate then was signed into law by Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Lucas County Board of Elections member Jon Stainbrook says it's intent is to cut down on voter fraud.

"The Boards of Elections have poll booths for each precinct and they have to have the ability to make sure we have an opportunity to match those books up with the signatures so people are not voting again on election day."

And the next chance to vote in Ohio will be at 6:30 A.M. on Tuesday when the polls re-open.

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