Ice Cream Drinks

Ice Cream Drinks/Pal's Ice Cream

Minty Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Shake
In your blender: 
  8 oz. milk
  1 oz. chocolate syrup
  4 crushed oreo cookies
  2 large scoops Pal's Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Blend, pour into your 12 oz. glass, add whiped cream and garnish w/crushed oreos.

New Year's Eve Float
In your blender:
  8 oz. any type of fizzy soda (7-up or Sierra Mist)
  2 oz. of fresh frozen strawberries
  1 lg. scoop of Pal's Italian lemon ice or Orange Sorbet

Blend, pour into your 12 pz. glass, add one more scoop of lemon or orange sorbet, garnish w/whipped cream and a strawberry.

What to do with your leftover Christmas cookies and brownies?  Put them in the freezer for 1/2 hour, pull them out, spread with any of your favorite Pal's homemade ice cream, top with another cookie or brownie.  Wrap them in film wrap and freeze.
You'll have treats for all your guests all season.