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WTOL Editorial: Occupy Wall Street

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL EDITORIAL) - The Occupy Wall Street crowd is a bit loony.  From what I can see on TV, read in the paper, and saw first-hand this weekend in Milwaukee, they are an eclectic collection of misfits, malcontents and misanthropes.  Only in our über-urgent media would a couple of hundred people without a cause be granted legitimacy.  If the OWS crowd has any significance, it is as an unfocused expression of the belief that something is wrong in America.  I guess that's as true today as it was some 200 years ago when our forefathers gathered to find solutions.  What we need now is a leader with the courage to lead.  I don't think we're going to find that person in camp, in a make-shift tent village, singing protest songs.

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