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Jurors hear more police testimony in Isreal trial; see photos of Dulle


Jurors heard more testimony from police Wednesday in the second day of testimony in the Marcus Isreal trial.

Isreal is charged with murder for the death of Warren County Sheriff's Deputy Sgt. Brian Dulle. Isreal's attorney, Clyde Bennett, admits Isreal is responsible for Dulle's death, but doesn't think he's guilty of murder.

On Wednesday, jurors heard first from Ofc. Dan Morgan with Clearcreek Township Police, who was unsuccessfully tried to lay down stop sticks when the chase reached Clearcreek Township, then joined the chase as the second police vehicle. He was also the second officer at the scene after Isreal had crashed into Dulle.

Jurors also heard testimony from Dep. Troy Black with the Warren County Sheriff's Office. Black testified he was almost hit by Isreal while Isreal was driving the wrong direction on U.S. 42. Black said he had to turn onto Waynesville Road to avoid a head on collision with Isreal. However, during cross examination, Bennett tried to point out that Black actually got into Isreal's lane of travel, but Black disputed that.

Some of the most emotional testimony in the trial so far came when Black talked about his relationship with Sgt. Dulle.

"He was the best man at my wedding,  our families vacationed together, my wife knows him like a brother, and my kids know him as Uncle Brian," Black said.

He fought back tears when describing their friendship. Dulle's family and Isreal's mother also wept.

"They were trying to keep me from going to where he was, and they told me that he was gone," Black said.

Black was also the officer who found Isreal several hours after the crash after he was shown a photo of him as a suspect. Black had gone to his home on Utica Road, not far from the crash scene, after notifying Sgt. Dulle's wife, Abbie, of his death. After he left his home, he was driving along Drake Road when he noticed Isreal walking along the street. 

"I quickly exist my cruiser and I pull my weapon on him, and I order him to show me his hands slowly," Black said.

The jury also saw more dash cam video showing  the scene where officers arrived at the crash as well as where a police cruiser in pursuit was stuck in a ditch -- Isreal's attorney pointed out that there were no statements in the crash report that indicate that Isreal intended to do harm.

After lunch, jurors heard testimony from Nick Behymer, another deputy that was almost hit during the chase while Isreal was going the wrong way on U.S. 42. Behymer testified he had to avoid hitting Isreal, and ended up hitting a tree and landing in a ditch.

Isreal is facing two counts of felonious assault for the nearly hitting Black and Behymer. Bennett said during opening statement that Isreal should be found not guilty of the felonious assault charges.

Jurors then heard from Lt. Mark Hatfield with the Warren County Sheriff's Office, who was the shift supervisor on the morning Dulle died.

During his testimony, jurors were shown graphic photos from the scene, including photos of Sgt. Dulle after he had been struck. Hatfield explained some of Dulle's noticeable injuries, which included blood on his face, bone showing from his left arm and blood from the groin area. Dulle's pants ripped, his duty belt had also been ripped off and his wedding ring was missing from his finger.

Dulle's family left the courtroom before Hatfield's testimony so they would not have to see the photos. Isreal would not look at them. The jury showed little reaction.

Bennett filed an objection to the photos, saying they were not relevant to the case, but Judge James Flannery overruled the objection, saying photos of a dead body are relevant in a murder trial.

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