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WTOL Editorial: UT fans need to clean up their behavior

Last Friday night The University of Toledo took center stage with a nationally televised football game against 4th ranked Boise State. 

These prime time moments are rare. The hope is that the Boise State administration and team had an exemplary experience.

I am willing to bet University of Toledo President Lloyd Jacobs made it a first class affair. 

Unfortunately, fan behavior became an issue. On several occasions yellow plastic footballs were thrown onto the field to protest a call or to express unhappiness with a play. 

I was out of town so I listened to a Boise State Internet feed of the game. The Boise State announcers ripped the UT fans. 

If we want the UT program to be considered for the big time competition and coverage that it deserves, then the fans are going to have to accept responsibility for better behavior. 

The UT program is making phenomenal strides.  This progress should not be impeded by a few unruly fans.  

Next time, toss out the troublemakers, not the plastic footballs.

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