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Coalition of Hope aims to make Toledo a more peaceful city

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's a new effort aimed at making Toledo a more peaceful city.

Toledo Mayor Mike Bell's Coalition of Hope has been formed and Tuesday night members from various community, religious and education groups will be going door to door in the Old West End and North Toledo.

"To communicate, coordinate and educate about what type of programs are out there to help kids stay out of trouble," said Deputy Mayor Shirley Green. "It's a group of community-minded individuals from religious organizations, community groups, people working in school, people working at the grass roots level to help our young people stay out of the gang life and stay away from violence."

Besides getting feedback for developing long-term strategies, the coalition also aims to spread a sense of empowerment.

"Trying to get people to take back ownership of their community, get to know who's your neighbor, know the resources in your community to help you become sustainable," said coalition member Keith Jordan with JLJ Vision Outreach. "We have to restore hope in our communities. So many times when we have these troubling situations somebody has to let them believe again."

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