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Two schools become one in Genoa

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GENOA, OH (WTOL) - Genoa students have a new state of the of art elementary school to go to. It combines two elementary schools the district had, Allen Central and Brunner, into one.

Genoa Elementary School now has 80,000 sq. ft of learning. The technology center is filled with computers. The library has space for new books. The gymnasium has a scoreboard and bleachers.

All of it cost $24.4 million.

"We are very lucky very fortunate that our voters supported this new school," Principal Brenda Murphy said.

To help cut costs, and also to promote green technology, the school has a pond on the grounds.

"It's a geothermal pond. It's back behind the school. It's all fenced in, but it's our heating and cooling system," Murphy said.

Students seem to like the new school.

"I like it cause it has air conditioning and I like the kitchen cause it has real silverware," Sophie said.

"[My] Favorite part is probably Phys Ed. 'Cause you get to run around on a brand new gym floor. It's real nice," Seth said.

School leaders hope each student who walks these new halls will have a brighter future ahead.

"It's a great place to come to work everyday. How can you not be happy in such a wonderful building?" Murphy said.

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