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West Toledo kids face obstacle course to school

WEST TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Some west Toledo residents are angry about the dangerous conditions their children must walk along Sylvania Avenue to get to school.

Nathaniel Coachman walked his daughter to school for her first day and was not pleased with what he saw.

"This is ridiculous," said Coachman, whose step-daughter attends Whittier Elementary School.

 Coachman says it's not worth letting her trek it alone.

"We're worried about what hole will she fall in? What car will she fall in front of? What trip will she take?"

As the Sylvania Avenue beautification project continues, sidewalks have been ripped out and manhole covers stick out of the ground, making this a potentially dangerous situation for walkers.

"Somebody is going to get hurt really bad," said Joey Smith, a sophomore at Start High School.

Joey Smith walks this route to get to Start High School.

"The ground is like all like up and down and you could twist your ankle really easily on this," Smith said.

TPS leaders say they know this is a problematic area. That's why it put crossing guards along Sylvania Ave. at Lewis, Phillips and Martha.

Councilwoman Lindsay Webb says she wishes the work was done, but said in a written statement:

"Construction any time of year can be a frustration; it is especially frustrating for parents when it involves a major intersection near a school. It's unfortunate that the construction at Lewis and Sylvania is not completed, I'm sure it impacted some of the students and parents on their first day of school at Whittier. I urge parents and students to give themselves some extra time when heading to Whittier until the project is completed and where possible to consider alternative routes while the construction is in progress," said Webb.

Routes parents like Coachman say do not exist.

"This was supposed to had been done. There is no excuses. None," Coachman said.

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