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Toledo schools began a new school year, hopes for greater parental involvement

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo Public Schools started its first day of class Monday, and now it is calling on parents to get involved.

TPS found that parental involvement is high at elementary and high schools. However, it tends to drop off at the middle school level. Administrators said they hope the transformation plan and the new K-8 system will solve the problem.

"The success of our school depends on our teachers, on our students and definitely on our parents because they give the children the encouragement they need," said Brenda Hill, a TPS board member.

Schools are in charge of recruiting parent volunteers.

Beverly K-8 School has stepped up its efforts. Normally they send parents a flyer with information. However, this year parents said they are receiving phone calls encouraging them to volunteer.

"I thought it was a good start for this school, so yeah I was pretty pleased to see that," said Karen Liegal, a parent at Beverly. She signed up to volunteer after she received the phone call.

The United Way also conducted a survey in which they found parents want to get more involved, but do not know how. Teachers said the best way to let a school know a parent is interested is by giving them a call.

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