German Spatzle

Spatzle ( Knopfle )
4 Cup Flour

4 eggs

1 Cup water

1 Cup milk

1 tsp. salt

Dash of nutmeg

Mix dry  ingredients in a bowl forming a well in the middle. Break the eggs into the  middle of the flour.  Start blending slowly adding the water/milk mixture  a little at a time. Mix until a smooth batter is reached.  Bring a pan of  salted water to a rolling boil. Place a spatzle maker with batter over the  water allowing the dough to fall through the holes into the water.  They will float when cooked,  Stir gently.  Remove with a small strainer or slotted spoon and rinse allowing to drain.  Place in serving  bowl.  When drained well and placed in plastic bags, spatzle will freeze  well for future use.

 Spatzle can be used in place of  potatoes lightly buttered or with a gravy .  The Swiss will often layer the spatzle with onions lightly sautéed in butter and topped with a  generous layer of grated swiss cheese.