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WTOL Editorial: Panhandlers should seek help from charities, not people at bus stops

Panhandlers exist in every city I have visited. They are an unwelcome intrusion. 

Worse, the preferred places to beg for money are bus stops, ATM machines and bank entrances. When we are doing one of these activities we usually do not have a lot of time to waste so the interruption is particularly intrusive.

And it feels dangerous. 

Thankfully, the Toledo City Council is considering legislation to create panhandle free zones which are aimed at providing relief for those who want it.   

This legislation should pass and the police should enforce it. It is a tough economy, but there are other places to go for assistance besides harassing people walking downtown. 

Many of us contribute to those organizations. All of us deserve the right to walk in public without being verbally assaulted to give our money away. Pass the legislation.

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