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Fake invitations to Google+ can lead to identity theft

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Google is trying its luck in social media with the search engine's new web site, Google+.  Lots of excitement coincides with an exclusive Google+ invitation, but some are forgetting their Internet safety rules as a result.

"If someone says 'Hey I can get you in and you can skip the line' you're going to look over a few things, a few details," says avid Google user Arthur Baynes, comparing waiting for an invitation on Google+ to waiting to be in an elite club.

The long awaited invitation could be a scam though.  When eager users follow the link, it redirects them to a pharmaceutical company web site.  Other fake invitations ask for verification of personal information or promise access to Google+ through Facebook. 

"All it takes is your name, your address and your birthday, and a criminal can do just about anything he wants to your identity," says a representative from the Better Business Bureau. 

To protect yourself from these scams, make sure to follow up with your friend who sent you the invitation.  If the invitation is not from someone you know, it could be a scam.  As always, if you think you could be at risk, change your password immediately. 

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