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WTOL Editorial: Suspicious fires should invoke fury

So far this year there have been more than 100 suspicious fires in Toledo. As a Toledo resident, this should light you up. 

Each fire requires about 90 man hours to extinguish. That costs you money. It also means equipment and emergency personnel are unavailable to respond to your emergency. 

I spoke to Captain John Kaminski about this on-going criminal behavior. He said the latest series of fires have been extra dangerous due to the near-record heat and humidity.

On top of that, some of the buildings have been booby-trapped. Sections of the flooring have been cut away creating nearly invisible holes for fire fighters to plunge through. 

I hope this makes you furious. 

Captain Kaminski urged people to "take back their community. To get involved and report any suspicious activity." The number to call is 419. 255.1111. There are rewards available and the call can be anonymous. 

Arson has real costs and real victims. If you know anything about the people setting these fires, call the police or fire prevention. 

When arson happens, it's your neighborhood and your tax dollars that are getting burned.      

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