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Man enters plea in reckless driving case

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Paul Never, 69, of Michigan, pled guilty Tuesday morning to three counts of aggravated vehicular homicide after he drove recklessly last October and contributed to a crash that killed three young people. 

Prosecutors say the man driving the three who died that deadly night was also drinking – he was also in court Tuesday wanting to get his blood alcohol level thrown out of his upcoming trial.

"I am angry.  I am angry at society that they don't get the message," Carol Plenzler with Mothers Against Drunk Driving said about the case.  "What's the problem?  How many people do we have to lose before people get the message."

Never was driving his pick up truck and was pulling out of a parking lot in the 5400 block of North Detroit Avenue.  That's when prosecutors say Noel Papenfuse, 21, was driving his three friends, Bradley Richardson, Bryan Richardson and Noah McFadden after they too had left a bar. 

They say Papenfuse was driving 79 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour zone and crashed into the pickup truck. 

Prosecutors say Papenfuse made it out of his car before it exploded.  His friends died.

"He shouldn't have been drinking period.  Not even one," Plenzler said.

Never's blood alcohol level was .13 two hours after the crash.  Prosecutors say Papenfuse's blood alcohol level was .07 two hours after the crash.  The responding officer testified Tuesday that Papenfuse admitted to drinking.

"I believe he said he had a long island iced tea and a couple of beers," Off. Sid Lark said on the stand during Papenfuse's suppression hearing.

Both men could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted and sentenced.

Never's sentencing is scheduled for next month. Papenfuse's trial has yet to be set.

When checking Papenfuse's Facebook page, he writes, "I miss my best friends more than anything but I know you guys are still with us, watching over us."

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