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WTOL Editorial: Special duty officers pulling thugs, guns from Toledo's streets

Young men in some areas of Toledo have been shooting each other at an alarming rate this summer. 

Toledo Police Chief Mike Navarre decided enough of the insanity. He assigned about 15 tough and experienced officers to a special duty. 

They no longer respond to radio calls. Their job is go out every night, all night, into the highest crime areas. They look for thugs and weapons. The thugs get arrested. 

In three weeks, more than 200 trouble makers have been taken off the streets. The weapons get confiscated - more than 100 guns so far. 

The heat is on and the word is out. These cops mean business. 

The Chief told me the special patrols will continue for the remainder of the summer. The program is effective but it is expensive. It cost the city $55,000 in overtime in July. 

That's money well spent. These officers deserve our respect, appreciation and our prayers.  It's dangerous duty. 

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