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Toledo police chase pick-up through backyards

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) – A wild police chase through a Point Place neighborhood ended with a stolen truck crashing into a condo and two suspects in custody.

The suspects are 21 year-old Robert Selvera of Jervis Street in Toledo and 26 year-old Charles Starcher of Delence Street in Toledo.

Tuesday night, Toledo police spotted a stolen truck at Alexis and Detroit Avenue and when the suspects wouldn't stop, the chase ensued, down Alexis to Suder Avenue.

The suspect drove through ball fields at Shoreland Elementary and ended up in a neighborhood full of kids and families on Thornbrook Trail.

Brennen Vasquez was playing video games two doors down from where the truck hit the condo. "And I run outside and I see this car just go vroom! Flying down the street and I run out front and just see him going through all these, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom! Through all them backyards!"

There was widespread damage as the truck drove through several backyards, tearing down fences and even damaging a swimming pool.

The suspect went back to the road, took out some mailboxes, and lost control into the garage.

When asked what the impact sounded like, Vasquez said, "Like an explosion, almost. It was just like, boom!"

Steve Lundberg will be calling his insurance agent after his fence was smashed down in his yard. "I was getting ready to let him outside after I was done doing whatever I was doing."

He said he was glad he didn't take his son outside and that his dogs did not get hurt.

The suspects took off on foot but were chased again until they were tackled and taken into custody. Police say they've been wanted for breaking into cars in the area and even at the Jeep plant.

The truck was full of stereos, wallets, and credit cards and at least one gun.

"These guys have been doing a lot of stuff and all that but like I said, we couldn't predict they were going to go through several yards," said Sgt. Mark Evanoff of TPD.

But even with the damage in the yards, police say no one was injured or killed.

Vasquez said, "There are (a lot of) kids in this neighborhood. I'm surprised that, thank God that none of them got hurt."

Selvera is charged with Receiving stolen property and failure to comply.

Starcher is charged with receiving stolen property.

Both face additional charges of vandalism and theft.

Both are booked in the Lucas County Jail.

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