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Call for Action: Delays in sidewalk repair

TOLEDO (WTOL) - An uneven sidewalk is making South Toledo resident, Linda Gutierrez, very uneasy.

"The main concern is someone could be walking through this neighborhood, not see this patch of concrete and trip," Gutierrez said. "In fact it's already happened before. That's why the people living here want to see this fixed soon."

The problem arose when forestry cut down the tree in March after it lifted the sidewalk. But, problems remain with the stump and sidewalk.

Because the problem is being caused by a city tree, Gutierrez said she is not able to take matters into her own hands. She said the city told her it could take up to five years before the sidewalk is fixed.

Robin Whitley, who works for the Toledo Engineering Department, said the city maintains about 2,000 miles of sidewalk and is working to assess the sidewalks that are most in need of repair.

Gutierrez just hopes it happens soon.

"I just don't want anyone to get hurt," she said.

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