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Fireworks sales brisk at Michigan fireworks store

OTTAWA LAKE, MI (WTOL) – Sales were brisk at local fireworks stores, as the clock ticked closer to the end of the July 4 holiday.

Along U.S. 23 in southern Monroe County, it's a fireworks lover's paradise, with two stores just across the highway from each other.

At All American Fireworks, John Marogen of Dundee was taking his time, picking out the best fireworks to make his holiday complete. And he had a lot to choose from, with fireworks sitting on shelves throughout the store.

"A little bit of everything. I got some sparklers, dynamite, these M51s," Marogen said. He said he and his friend spent about $200.

All American Fireworks has sold a lot of fountains and cakes and were pushing "buy one get one" offers.

Some folks can easily spend over $500 dollars a visit.

The store's manager, Bob Lind, said: "You can come in and buy $20 worth of stuff and you're happy. And then you can come in and buy a lot more than that, you know what I mean, and be happy."

Alex Pederson is passing through the area on his way home to North Carolina. He talked about the importance of fireworks in his family over the July 4 holiday.

"My parents always spend a lot of money. They live on a lake and it was kind of a battle of who on the lake could have the largest display." He added they would spend upwards of $250 to $300 a year.

There were also steady sales at Uncle Louie's Fireworks, where artillery shells and 500-gram cakes were the hot items. The manager says people are on more of a budget this year but some will still spend hundreds of dollars.    

"That's really what it is. A lot of people save all year and this is their time that they enjoy and this is what they do, they blow off fireworks," said Greg Golab, the general manager.

Uncle Louie's and All American will next gear up for the Labor Day weekend, hoping customers will want to have more fun. 

As he was getting back on the road, Pedersen said, "I guess part of it might be the thrill of doing it and the danger of doing it yourself a little bit. You've got to be safe but there's still that adrenaline rush that you get from doing it."

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