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Call 11 for Action: Rat house demolished

Call 11 for Action sprung into action after Rhonda Sieler called to report that the house next door was vacant, burned out, and she had rats running in her house because of it.

Within days of WTOL reporting on the vacant house, the house is gone and the cleanup has begun.

"I was so excited, so happy and it took you guys to get it done," said Sieler.

Less than a week after our initial Call 11 for Action piece ran on the news, a backhoe is cleaning up the debris. Sieler says the entire neighborhood will benefit now that the remnants of the burned out house will be gone.

"People were out, happy, watching it - like let's celebrate," said Sieler.

That is a big change from earlier in June when Sieler showed us the holes in her yard and pictures of the rats that scurried onto her property.

It's a problem that plagues many neighborhoods in the city, vacant properties because of litigation between homeowners and the city.

The city's Code Enforcement Manager Bob Mossing gave his word the city would take care of the property by the end of July. They took care of it even sooner.

"I won't have to worry about rats running thru my backyard. I can just go outside and enjoy - I won't have the smell. Life will just be better."

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