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Call 11 for Action: Facebook bullying

Kids younger and younger are being affected by cyber bullying, but parents can take action by monitoring their children's Facebook accounts more closely.

A new survey by Consumer Reports National Research Center said more than five million kids age 10 and under had Facebook accounts last year, even though the minimum age is 13.

They say most parents did nothing to monitor their children's Facebook activities, but say there are a few simple steps parents can take to protect their children online:

  • If your children are underage, you can delete their accounts by filling out the "report an underage child" form on Facebook's privacy page
  • Become friends with your child and check their profiles frequently
  • Connect your child's Facebook account to your email so you are able to see incoming messages

It is recommended that Facebook users of all ages use privacy settings. To set them, go into your account's "privacy settings" and indicate "Friends Only." 

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