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Low Carb Store Opens in Sylvania

SYLVANIA -- A lot of people are trying low carbohydrate diets. Plans like the Atkins Diet, South Beach, or The Zone let people eat as much as they want, just no carbohydrates. That means no bread, no rice, or other popular and tasty foods. But before you get bored of your diet and cheat, there's a new store in Sylvania that's open just for you.

Linda Martz can't stop raving about all the food in her new store. Lindy's Low Carb Market carries low carb foods. "The majority of people that walk in are almost in tears. Because they've been doing this for about 10 months and haven't had a piece of bread, or a noodle, or candy or pizza or anything and they're like, 'Oh my God, there's food!'" said Martz.

"I went on Atkins a year ago, not even a year, 8 months ago thinking I can just go to the grocery store, anywhere and buy food. I was so surprised when I went to the grocery store and there wasn't anything," said Martz. That's when she decided to open up a specialty store in Sylvania. "I just felt there was a huge need. Everyone I knew was doing this and they couldn't find food anywhere. I have been so busy since we opened, it's amazing," said Martz.

Who would have thought there was low carb pizza, low carb pasta, low carb waffles, even cake and candy. Because you're buying specialty foods, the average price of the food here is going to cost a little more than at the grocery store. For example, a loaf of bread, that's low carb bread, is about 2 dollars more.

Lindy's Low Carb Market is located at 6616 Monroe Street, near Main in Sylvania. The store opened three weeks ago, and because of the demand, plans are underway to open up a second store in Perrysburg.

Posted 11:05am, Wednesday, October 15, 2003 by AEB

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