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Gil Scott-Heron dies

Musician Gil Scott-Heron dies. (Source CNN) Musician Gil Scott-Heron dies. (Source CNN)

COACHELLA, CA (CNN) – Musician and poet, 62-year-old Gil Scott-Heron, died Friday in a New York hospital.

Scott-Heron was best known for the politically and socially charged 1970 song ‘The Revolution will not be televised.' He was known as the "godfather of rap" because of his mix of poetry and music.

Scott-Heron music has been sampled by many including Kanye West, who used "Comment Number One" for his 2010 song "Who will save America?"

After a 13-year hiatus from music, Scott-Heron put a new album out last year named, "I'm new here."

In 2008, after years of battling drug and alcohol addictions, Scott-Heron revealed in contracted HIV. He had been hospitalized after an illness on a European trip, but the cause of death was not immediately made public.

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