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WTOL Editorial: Weather safety trumps Oprah

Wednesday was a pretty tough day in northwest Ohio. 

Spring storms triggered multiple tornado warnings. Hail, the size of golf balls, blasted out of the clouds at 100 miles per hour and broke car windows. Rain fell in torrents.

The rivers swelled and fields flooded, again. Farmers lost yet another day of the spring planting season. 

And WTOL 11's concern for your safety led us to preempt Oprah's final episode for severe weather coverage. Yes it was a tough day. But compared to the death and destruction other communities have suffered this spring, we came through okay. 

By the way, the final Oprah show played the next day, without interruption. Yes, we've had a hard spring; on the heels of a hard winter. 

As we approach the holiday weekend, I suggest we all take a deep breath and count our blessings. Smile. The rain will stop. Summer always arrives.

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