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Mosquitoes bursting out in Lucas County

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LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Rain-fed mosquitoes have emerged and are hitting rural areas of Lucas County.

It will be three weeks until crews from the Toledo Area Sanitary District begin their nighttime spraying of mosquito insecticide.

You can call the sanitary district to send a crew to your individual property and spray like 150 people did on Monday alone.

"Typically our drivers can handle about 120 requests per day with the amount of manpower we have. So we slipped a little bit behind on Monday," Lee Mitchell, Sanitary District Biologist, said.

Mitchell says there are several ways you can make your house less inviting to the pests.

The Sanitary District is raising top-feeding minnows that are big time mosquito eaters. Starting in early June, they'll deliver the fish to your front door. They'll eat mosquito larvae in your ornamental pool or water garden.

Tree Swallows will also swallow the skeeters. Put up a swallow box to attract them.

Bat boxes attract bats, and if you can stomach them around, they'll put mosquitoes in their stomachs.

"There are directions on how to make these on the internet or we can give people directions on how to make these boxes to attract wildlife," Mitchell said.

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