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Call 11 For Action: Elderly woman harassed by credit card company

CURTICE, OH (WTOL) - A Northwest Ohio woman is no longer getting calls from creditors claiming she owed them money after she called 11 for action.

Doris Morgan's daughter says her mom suffers from MS and a nerve disorder. She had a personal caregiver, but it turns out that woman was stealing money from Morgan.

"She came across as very trustworthy, having my mom's best interest at heart," said Morgan's daughter, Sherry Van Camp.

The caregiver, Holly Miller, was convicted of felony theft after using credit cards in Morgan's name. The family says she splurged on things like Mud Hens tickets, prom dresses, and shopping trips. In all, she charged more than $80,000.

"All this was done covertly so there was nothing to alert my mom to it."

Miller was ordered to repay Morgan and 8 credit card companies. But the problem wasn't over. Sherry says American Express was harassing her mom, saying she owed $15,000.

It wasn't until Call For Action Investigator Matt Wright contacted American Express that they agreed to halt all collection attempts.

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