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WTOL Editorial: Dog over-population fault of irresponsible people

(WTOL) - The problems surrounding stray dogs in Lucas County won't be fixed by improving facilities or signing contracts with the Toledo Area Humane Society.

There is only one place to point the finger of blame…and it's at irresponsible people. I won't dignify them by calling them dog owners.

These ignorant and callous individuals breed these dogs in an indiscriminate manner. They don't buy licenses. They treat the unfortunate animals cruelly. Then they just dump the dogs into the streets for the community to deal with.

Not all of the strays can become pets . That is an unrealistic expectation. So, many of the strays are euthanized.

Over-population can only be impacted by spaying or neutering the dogs, and that requires the owners to act responsibly.

In the face of overwhelming odds and a relentless supply of needy animals the Humane Society has provided shelter and adoption services for animals which otherwise had no hope.

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