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April showers bring May mosquitoes

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) -  April showers usually bring May flowers. This year, all of the wet weather may really bring May mosquitoes. Experts are predicting a busy mosquito year because of all of the standing water.

"When we see this much water, we know there is a lot of habitat for mosquitoes. We know there is a lot of potential for them to be breeding," said Lee Mitchell, a biologist with the Toledo Area Sanitary District.

Mitchell says there is already a fair amount of mosquitoes in western Lucas County.  They are in the form of larvae, hiding out in standing water.  He expects the first batch of mosquitoes to start flying in early May.  He says there should be a noticeable amount of mosquitoes by mid-May.

The Toledo Area Sanitary District is already treating for mosquitoes in residential areas.  However, the wet weather is a one-two punch for crews fighting the mosquitoes.

"It makes our job difficult, because the water has spread them out. So they are no longer concentrated in two or three places. They are spread out through a very wide area," said Mitchell.

Mitchell says the more standing water, the more potential for mosquito breeding.  Crews will have to cover more ground, which takes more time.  They will also have to use more insecticide.

However, when it rains, crews are unable to treat because the insecticide is just washed away.

Mitchell says they are most concerned with water that stands for more than two weeks. If you have standing water on your property in Lucas County, you can call the Toledo Area Sanitary District at 419-726-7891. Crews will test and treat your water for mosquitoes.

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