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WTOL Editorial: City Council should embrace the opportunity at the Marina District

By WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon - email

The actions of the Toledo City Council are jeopardizing the $200 million dollar Marina District development project.

Under the guise of completing "due diligence," some members of council are backing a deed restriction to require that union contractors do the construction work. 

They also want to shorten the buyback period to two years, should the land remain undeveloped.

Both of the notions are wrong-headed. 

The largest contractors in town, the guys who will work on this project, already use union workers. And it is hard to believe the group from China is buying this property just to sit on it. 

Our property values aren't exactly skyrocketing. I am so tired of people in this town finding ways to make it unattractive to invest here.

Last I looked there weren't many groups panting to dump hundreds of millions of dollars into Toledo. 

There's one standing at the doorstep, ready to write a check. Take the money.

Of course, if the anti growth faction has its way and the deal falls apart, they will have proudly made their point. There won't be any non-union labor going on around here. There also won't be any union work.

In fact there won't be any jobs- just a wasteland.

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