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Toledoans react to bill allowing concealed guns in bars

COLUMBUS, OH (WTOL) - A new bill that would allow concealed weapons in bars and restaurants is now heading to the Ohio House.

The Senate voted 25-7 Wednesday to pass the bill, which would change Ohio's current concealed weapons law. Under the bill, permit holders could bring guns into bars as long as they don't drink alcohol. Individual establishments could still prohibit firearms.

The manager of Mulvaney's Bunker Pub and Grub in West Toledo, Heidi Herbster, says that would be difficult to enforce.

"I can't see the bartender knowing," Herbster said. "You're not going to see it, and it's really not in their job description to take a gun from somebody if they have it."

While Herbster said she and other employees may consider carrying a gun if allowed, she says liquor and guns could be a dangerous cocktail.

"I don't think that alcohol and guns go well together," Herbster said.

Law enforcement officials statewide opposed the bill, saying it could lead to increased violence. State Senator Edna Brown voted 'no' and calls the bill a "guns, crowds and liquor bill."

"If we're going to get to that point, why don't we just say let's everybody carry their guns, strap them on the side so we know who's carrying and who's not," Brown said.

Some Bunker customers say the bill could invite the kind of shots you don't want at a bar.

"It just makes you feel uncomfortable when someone there with a weapon. You never know what's going to happen," Matt Kalson said.

"If you're responsible enough to have the license and go through all the courses to get it you should be allowed to carry it wherever you want," Jon Jerab said.

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