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Call 11 For Action: Gym members frustrated by new fees

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A group of Toledo coworkers said part of the reason they signed up for Lifestyles for Ladies Only gym was flexibility in using different locations. A representative from the Northwood Lifestyles for Ladies first approached them at work, located near the Toledo Lifestyles.     

"It was stated we could go any location anywhere anytime," said Lifestyles customer Tammy Knecht.

After the Maumee location closed and an influx of customers started going to other Lifestyles locations, the coworkers said things changed.

"They said they were going to charge us $120 on top of the fee we already paid for our membership," said customer Kim Moore.

It turns out the Lifestyles gyms have separate owners, who decided to end free privileges for members of other locations.

Sharon Stump owns the Toledo Lifestyles and also owned the now-closed Maumee facility. She said she decided to implement a $120 fee for other Lifestyles members to use her gym only after the Northwood location began doing so.

"As an owner, if he's going to charge my members, I want to do the same, but I actually encountered a member and found out how she felt and slept on it, and I don't feel good about doing it," Stump said.

After WTOL 11 Consumer Investigator Matt Wright stepped in, Stump decided to completely waive the $120 fee for members of the Northwood location like Moore and Knecht, currently using her Toledo location.

The owner of the Northwood location is following suit. He's waiving the fee for customers using his facility before April 1 who signed up at other Lifestyles locations.

To keep from running into similar troubles, be sure reciprocity agreements are clearly written out in your member contract. Even if you think a gym is part of a franchise. It may have a separate owner.

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