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Call 11 For Action: Neighbors still cleaning up after explosion

(WTOL) - Neighbors still have a mess on their hands months after fire erupted from a Columbia gas regulator station on East Manhattan Avenue in North Toledo.

The fire burned for hours on Nov. 16, 2010, damaging neighbors' homes.

Dean Gillespie said his home and garage sustained more than $10,000 in damage. He was between insurers when the fire occurred, so he's seeking reimbursement from Toledo Edison and Columbia Gas.    

Gillespie said a Toledo Edison power line fell and sent a surge of power through his home, causing extensive electrical damage. Gillespie accepted a $5,500 settlement from Toledo Edison to cover some of his damages, but he said that doesn't come close to the total.

Columbia Gas said the electrical line also hit the natural gas substation, puncturing a gas line and sparking the fire that Gillespie said scorched his garage and damaged valuable equipment and mechanics books.

"They don't want to own up. They just plain don't want to own up," Gillespie said. "I want them to make it right, just make it right."

Mark Lojewski lives on the other side of the property and is also dealing with damage.

"They're arguing back and forth with each other. 'You're on your own,'" Lojewski said.

Columbia Gas provided the following statement to WTOL 11:

"The fire at the regulation station in November of 2010 was the result of a brace on a Toledo Edison pole failing, which allowed an electrical wire to fall, causing the regulator station fire. All associated damages - including those to the Columbia Gas regulator station - we believe to be the responsibility of the party whose equipment failed."

Toledo Edison also provided a statement to WTOL 11:

"From the very beginning we have dealt with Mr. Gillespie in an open manner regarding his situation.  While the company did not admit responsibility for the incident, we made a fair offer and he accepted that offer.  As part of the settlement of his claim, Mr. Gillespie signed a full and final release."

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