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Enough!: Taxpayers dish out more $$$ for Cleveland Strangler suspect's defense

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Hold onto your wallets, a judge in the Cleveland Strangler murder trial just approved more tax dollars for defending accused serial killer Anthony Sowell.

Taxpayers will dish out another $40,000 bucks to help accused Cleveland Strangler Anthony Sowell beat the charges or at least stay off of death row.

  • Here's what you are getting for $40K:
  • $17K for defense attorney Rufus Sims (additional funds)
  • $17K for an expert building a case against Sowell getting the death penalty
  • Additional funds for a paralegal helping prepare his overall defense
  • Additional funds for reviewing security video near the crime scene

19 Action News has exclusive pictures of the scene, Sowell's accused of killing eleven women and hiding their bodies in and around his home on Imperial Avenue. He's  also accused of attacking others.

The Cleveland Strangler case is already setting records for spending on lawyers and experts.

The cost of the trial could grow even more with the trial start date still three months away.

Defense lawyers will argue the man deserves a fair trial. Sure, but what's fair to you the taxpayer? Before it's all over how far will you have to open your wallet to help Anthony Sowell?

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