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Warning Signs of Bullying

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(WOIO) - Bullying takes on many forms. It can be physical, verbal, or emotional. But determining if your child is a victim can be difficult.

Dr. Ellen Rome is a Pediatrician at Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital and has warning signs parents can look for.

"If your child is being bullied, you may see the child who is always eager and jumps out of bed ready to go to school suddenly have a little bit of school avoidance, dragging their feet. They may be fearful or teary, or have a decline in grades," Dr. Rome says.

Rome says the child who is being bullied may also starting pushing around his brother or sister. She says if you sense something is up, try to get your child to open up about what might be happening at school. If you get a sense they're not feeling connected at school they may be the target of a bully.

Dr. Rome says if you confirm your child is being bullied, you should take action right away.

"If your child is actively being bullied at school, it's worth working from multiple levels. Go to the teacher, go to the guidance counselor, go to the principal, and as "What are your bully-proofing policies?", so you don't have to have them on the defensive, they're partnering with you to make a safe environment for your child."

Dr. Rome says you can turn a negative into a positive. You can use the bullying incident to help teacher your child about speaking up for him or herself, and help them to bullyproof their environment.

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