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WTOL Editorial: Use Toledo Express -- or lose it

By WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon - email

The end of passenger flights out of Toledo Express Airport may be in sight after Delta announced it will no longer fly out of Toledo.

In fact, only 30 flights per week to Chicago, Orlando, Tampa and Punta Gorda remain -- and are doing fairly well.

What happened here?

I talked to Paul Toth the President of the Toledo Lucas County Port Authority to find out. He says there are no bad guy to blame and that we got to this point because of a lot of things.

First, the economy tanked in 2008. The airline mergers resulted in the elimination of hubs and flights to those hubs from regional airports.

Gas prices soared. This made the smaller 50-passenger jets that often fly to regional airports, too expensive to operate.

And the Detroit Airport made room for just about every low cost carrier in the country. That's just too many body blows to absorb and remain standing.

I don't know if we can save passenger flights at Toledo Express.

I do know that if we don't use it, particularly those easy flights to Chicago, we are definitely going to lose it.

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