Toledo man watches deadly Libya clashes unfold online

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) – Mohamed Saleh, a Libyan man who resides in Toledo, is passionate about freedom for the people of his native land.

Saleh credits the internet with giving citizens the power to unite in protest against dictators after being isolated from other parts of the world for centuries.

However, Saleh says changes in technology have allowed folks to glimpse freedom.

As a result, Saleh says many young Libyans are fighting for freedom after what they watched take place in Egypt.

Saleh uses his computer and cell phone to keep up-to-date with his friends in Libya.

In fact, one man called Saleh Thursday to show a glimpse of what conditions are like in the country.

"There have been many people that have died and many people injured," said Saleh.

Some reports indicate at least 20 demonstrators were killed during violent protests in Libya Thursday. Some activists are calling what happened "the day of rage."

Saleh's friend says he is putting his own life at risk by sharing pictures, videos and offering firsthand accounts of conditions.

Saleh is getting involved, too.

He says he plans to attend a demonstration in Washington DC Friday.

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