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Office supplies are just one way scammers target small businesses

By Matt Wright - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Small businesses are often targeted by scammers because they lack the time and resources to fight fraud.

Owners are encouraged to train their staff to look out for some common scams that prey on small companies.

They include directory scams, which bill the company hundreds of dollars for listing services they didn't agree to, or for ads they thought would be in the yellow pages.

Office supplies is another common area for scams. A businesses could be billed for supplies they never ordered.

There are also overpayment scams that happen when a so-called customer overpays using a check or credit card. The scammer then asks the business owner to wire the extra money back to them.

Vanity awards can be a money-making scheme. So be sure to check if they have actual merit.

Also be aware of hackers that may cause a data breach by using phishing emails.

Remember, scammers aren't always trying to steal money from a business. Sometimes they're after a company's financial or customer data. Some of these latest scams target that information specifically.

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