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WTOL Editorial: Let's hope Kasich makes OH great again

By WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon - email

Governor Kasich delivered a speech about doing business in Ohio at a lunch I attended last Monday. 

"This comes from the heart. Most of it is just common sense," said Kasich, who did not look at once his notes.

In fact, Kasich said Ohio cannot tax its way to prosperity or cut its way to prosperity, but that every program must be placed under the microscope. 

Additionally, he said the balance between management and organized labor needs to be reset in a way that does not prohibit doing business. 

Kasich also said Ohio's taxes are too high and there are too many regulations that get in the way of doing business. 

He said Toledo was truly the pathway to the rest of America and spoke highly of the CSX investment in North Baltimore.

Kasich said Ohio has lost 400,000 to 600,000 jobs and that it is costing us a lot of smart, young people. 

As a result, he wants more vouchers, more charter schools and a public school system that serves children first. 

Kasich also believes competition leads to improvement. He said he is in favor of foreign investment in the state -- and that Ohio is going to be open for business.  

Let's hope Kasich is able to make Ohio great again.    

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